October 27, 2013

Smile Stealers Showcase Event - Festival Phenomena, Montreal

An amazing success at the Montreal Premiere Event for the film Smile Stealers, last Friday October 18 at Sala Rosa.  The Smile Stealers Showcase Event presented for Festival Phenomena had a full line-up of performances including Sinuous Wig, Sea Foam Blue 2 [the WIVES], Syngja, a Costume Défilé - Parade of Broken featuring costumes from the film by Jasa Baka, and the whole night was hosted by the incredible MC BRENDA [aka Jamie Ross] with DJ Amanda'mour and VJ Monique Gougounes.  In addition to the stage performances there was also a paper moon photobooth built by Alex Hercule Décor, designed by Jasa Baka. Here are some photos by Nick Bostick! Thank you to all who came to make the night so special.  A lunar Eclipse!

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