February 26, 2014

Video Terrarium Projects

I am currently creating a a new series of Video installations at OBORO New Media Labs in Montreal.  The work will be presented for a solo exhibition at OBORO Main Gallery [Montreal, QC September - October 2014].  VIDEO TERRARIUMS is a series of panoramic video landscapes.  The compositions combine hand-made model scenes, stop-motion puppets, with photo-imagery and live-action actors.  All elements are composited together in After Effects to create multi-screen video-scapes. Each work uses multiple screens or multiple video projections to create panoramic videos.  Please check out my new site dedicated to the progress: http://looper.ca/VideoTerriums.html

Thanks for looking...
+ This work is in production at Oboro New Media Labs with the support of Canada Council for the Arts.
+ I aknowledge the support of The Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec [CALQ] in the research and creation of my project.

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