October 04, 2014

The Enchanted Woods - OBORO Gallery Montreal 2014

The Enchanted Woods
3-screen immersive video installation
Documentation at OBORO Gallery, Montreal QC 2014

The Enchanted Woods / 3-screen immersive video installation from Allison Moore on Vimeo.

The Burrow - OBORO Gallery Montreal 2014

The Burrow
Sound/Video Sculpture
Documentation at OBORO Gallery, Montreal QC 2014

The Burrow - Video/sound sculpture installation from Allison Moore on Vimeo.
Project made possible by the Canada Council for the Arts and OBORO.

Suburban Terrarium - OBORO Gallery, Montreal 2014

Suburban Terrarium
3-screen video panoramic illustrating the suburbs
Documentation at OBORO Gallery, Montreal QC 2014

Suburban Terrarium / 3-screen video installation from Allison Moore on Vimeo.
Project made possible by the Canada Council for the Arts and OBORO.

September 23, 2014

ITINERARIUM: A Collection of Video Terrariums

My exhibition ITINERARIUM: A collection of Video Terrariums, is now on display at OBORO Gallery in Montreal. September 13-October 18 2014.
Read more here: http://www.oboro.net/en/activity/itinerarium-collection-video-terrariums
Here are some photos from the vernissage and the exhibit:
photo by Paul Litherland
 photo by Paul Litherland
 photo by Paul Litherland
 photo by Paul Litherland
 photo by Paul Litherland
 photo by Paul Litherland
 photo by Paul Litherland
 photo by Paul Litherland
 photo by Paul Litherland
 photo by Josée Brouillard 
  photo by Josée Brouillard 
 photo by Josée Brouillard 

April 24, 2014

Music Video for CherfunK - Trop tard pour ça

Very happy to present a music video made with Arthur Desmarteaux for the new group CherfunK (Alexis Martin et François Richard) featuring Alexandre Désilets and Amylie // Voici un vidéoclip que nous avons réalisé pour CherfunK (Alexis Martin et François Richard) avec les voix d'Alexandre Désilets et Amylie. Les 200 premières personnes à se rendre sur le site Bandcamp.com/Cherfunk pourront télécharger gratuitement la chanson « Trop tard » 

February 26, 2014

Video Terrarium Projects

I am currently creating a a new series of Video installations at OBORO New Media Labs in Montreal.  The work will be presented for a solo exhibition at OBORO Main Gallery [Montreal, QC September - October 2014].  VIDEO TERRARIUMS is a series of panoramic video landscapes.  The compositions combine hand-made model scenes, stop-motion puppets, with photo-imagery and live-action actors.  All elements are composited together in After Effects to create multi-screen video-scapes. Each work uses multiple screens or multiple video projections to create panoramic videos.  Please check out my new site dedicated to the progress: http://looper.ca/VideoTerriums.html

Thanks for looking...
+ This work is in production at Oboro New Media Labs with the support of Canada Council for the Arts.
+ I aknowledge the support of The Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec [CALQ] in the research and creation of my project.

October 27, 2013

Tout inclus sur la planete rouge // All inclusive to Mars

Egotrip Productions just presented a brand new performance for Festival Phenomena.  
Tout inclus sur la Planète Rouge
Presented by Egotrip Productions
[Arthur Desmartaux & Allison Moore]
Bilingual multi-media Shadow play — 40 minutes.
All Inclusive on the Red Planet is a bilingual sci-fi shadow-puppet show telling an uncanny story of the first tourist mission to Mars. After unsafely landing, the astro-tourists must learn to survive on the inhospitable red planet, facing incredible odds like massive sand storms and mysterious attacks from unknown terrors. Using vivid technicolor video backdrops, hand puppets, live performers and featuring a psychedelic retro sci-fi soundtrack, this impressive mystical play owes much to the cinematographers and special effects masters of the sixties sci-fi genre films. True to retro science-inaccuracy, this story is just a little step ahead of today’s reality. All Inclusive on the Red Planet is a multi-media puppet journey exploring vast horrifying territories beyond any human imaginings!
Here are some photos during production:
the amazing poster designed by Arthur Desmarteaux
Allison Moore painting puppets
Arthur creating shadow puppets
Arthur and Allison as astronauts
Performance at Sala Rosa (photo by Caroline Hayeur)

Smile Stealers Showcase Event - Festival Phenomena, Montreal

An amazing success at the Montreal Premiere Event for the film Smile Stealers, last Friday October 18 at Sala Rosa.  The Smile Stealers Showcase Event presented for Festival Phenomena had a full line-up of performances including Sinuous Wig, Sea Foam Blue 2 [the WIVES], Syngja, a Costume Défilé - Parade of Broken featuring costumes from the film by Jasa Baka, and the whole night was hosted by the incredible MC BRENDA [aka Jamie Ross] with DJ Amanda'mour and VJ Monique Gougounes.  In addition to the stage performances there was also a paper moon photobooth built by Alex Hercule Décor, designed by Jasa Baka. Here are some photos by Nick Bostick! Thank you to all who came to make the night so special.  A lunar Eclipse!

September 24, 2013

Festival Phénomena 2013

October will be a crazy amazing month, especially with Festival Phenomena in Montreal.  I am pleased to be presenting a multitude of projects for the festival.

1] I am ecstatic to announce the Quebec Premiere of the film SMILE STEALERS in collaboration with Festival du nouveau cinéma [FNC]. After 4 long years, the film will finally be played in MTL where it all began. And we are cooking up a big performance event at Sala Rosa le 18 octobre, for the opening night of the festival: Join the FB event for INFO.

2] Egotrip Productions will be premiering a brand new multimedia Sci-Fi shadow puppet show at Sala Rosa: Tout inclus sur la Planet Rouge.  Arthur Desmarteaux and I are pleased to be sharing the stage with good friends Jesse Or and Max Kelly, who will be performing their new show The More of Everything Revival Hour - Lundi 21 octobre [more info soooon!]

3] I am also creating the video projections for La Mythologie Expliquee, a special tableaux vivants performance at Bain Saint-Michel, created by artistic director D.Kimm. [18, 19, 20 october]

  Stay TUNED...

June 19, 2013

Making Mosaic Chairs - Plateau-Mont Royal

This summer Arthur Desmarteaux and I were asked to participate in a group exhibition at la maison de la culture du Plateau-Mont-Royal. The theatre is getting new chairs, and so the gallery asked 53 artists to make something with the old chairs. Arthur and I decided to cover the chairs with mosaic ceramic tiles. Here are some pics: